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Longines Equita Lyon


05 March 2020

As a specialist in the rental of audiovisual equipment, we offer a wide range of lighting products for hire. Among our multiple choices, we wanted to highlight a new product suitable for sports lighting and great heights: the Boston Cromatic.
The 450W LED source projectors are mainly intended for lighting retransmitted on television. Indeed, the colour temperature (similar to the daylight colour) is 5700°K with a CRI higher than 90, which gives a pleasant rendering to the camera. In addition, the colour tint can be slightly changed (at 4000°K or 2700°K) with the help of gelatine sheets. Projectors with a dimension of 85mm W x 628mm W x 324mm H, can be placed indoors or outdoors and must be powered by 230 V. They are articulated via an opening angle of 60° and offer optimum lighting thanks to their luminous flux of 55,000 lumens. In addition, the Boston Cromatic can be dimmed in Dali using a DMX interface.

"Projecteur Boston Cromatic"

A true innovation on the market, Boston Cromatic LED spotlights are also suitable for lighting large spaces, especially at major sporting events. They have already been used at various national and international trade fairs. Indeed, we installed them on the Equita Longines show in Lyon and Agrimax - Show Open Gneisses in Metz.
During the Equita Lyon fair, Boston Cromatic projectors illuminated the equestrian careers where the four World Cup competitions presented at the fair were held; and also allowed the highlighting of new artistic and scenic equestrian creations orchestrated specifically for the evening shows of this great horse show.

"Longine Equita Lyon Boston Cromatic"

During the Agrimax - Show Open Heifers in Metz, which gathered over 400 heifers of all breeds, we used Boston Cromatic LED spotlights for ring lighting. During this nation-wide event, the LED projectors Boston Cromatic enabled the teams of Metz Expo Events and GL events, carried by the Association Avenir Génétique Moselle (AGM) to provide all of the audiovisual material for the Show.

"Agrimax Projecteur Boston Cromatic"

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this product, our expert sales department is at your disposal to guide you and answer your questions.


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