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GL events Audiovisual History

GL events, technical provider for events

GL events Audiovisual & Power, subsidiary of the GL events Group, a major player on the event industry in France, was created on January 1st 2009 from the merger of these companies : La Boite à Sons, GL Image and GL Lumière et Son, entities integrated in the group since several years. This reunion permitted to provide a global offer on the event market.

This cluster has been initiated in order to consolidate in one single entity all the professions, teams and competencies of the audiovisual activity. A unique interlocutor for clients and partners with as well as a reinforced network with the gathering of our audiovisual and power specialists for a global and strong expertise.

GL events audiovisual

GL events Audiovisual & Power is a service provider for all the technological professions involved in events, for short and long hire, advice and expertise as well as sales & installation.

From conception to realization, our professional teams will guaranty global personalized performances in the following fields:

A panel of full expertise to provide you with a complete solution in a simple way.

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Over 3,000

audiovisual product references


agencies in France

GL events audiovisual

An active network of over 1,000 temporary workers in the entertainment industry


of heating power


of cooling power

Over 6,000

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