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Rental of professional power distribution & HVAC equipment

Take advantage of our technical and logistical expertise in power distribution and HVAC solutions dedicated to your event project. Our consultants are at your disposal to design a comfortable event with you. We manage the installation of the electrical equipment that we offer for rent.


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Dedicated warehousing
Power distribution cabinets and boxes

Rental and installation of power distribution and HVAC equipment for events

Bring energy to your events with our professional electrical equipment

Technical service provider in the field of power distribution and HVAC

As a technical service provider, GL events rents and installs professional electrical equipment for all types of event projects: stands, trade shows, sports events, corporate events, political events, festivals, congresses, conferences, weddings, etc. We offer the most comprehensive range of services possible in the field of power distribution and HVAC.

Rental and installation of electrical equipment for all types of event spaces

Whether you are organizing a large or small event, indoors or outdoors, and whatever the weather conditions, our teams can meet your specific needs and design personalised offers for the rental and installation of electrical equipment.

Wide range of professional electrical equipment

Electrical cabinets, electrical boxes, air destratification fans, smoke extractors, heaters, mobile air conditioners, cooling units and more. Our wide range of high-quality professional electrical equipment enables you to build a welcoming, comfortable environment for every type of event. Turnkey power solutions and customized services for events that reflect your image, combining high-tech and environmentally-friendly equipment.

distribution électrique et éclairage du salon Première Vision à Paris Nord Villepinte

The ensurance of comfortable environment for your event

Comfort and serenity on your event thanks to our electrical equipment

Although not particularly visible, power distribution, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting provide your visitors, spectators, customers or employees with a comfortable and welcoming event environment. Ensuring the ideal temperature is essential for the success of your event. Our experts specializing in the rental and installation of professional electrical equipment provide you with all the distribution solutions required to power your technical installations (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and lighting, as well as for broadcasting videos of your event.

A wide range of facilities to meet your needs for electrical equipment with reactivity

For more than 30 years, supported by the expertise of our in-house design office, GL events has been providing efficient energy solutions adapted to all types of events, whatever the season, the air volume to be treated or the layout of your event space. From Paris and Lyon to Cannes, Strasbourg and Clermont-Ferrand, our local offices enable us to be as responsive as possible to your needs. Our responsiveness can also be a decisive factor in ensuring the success of your event.

ventilation et climatisation sur la COP22 au Maroc

Do you have an event project requiring
the rental and installation of power distribution and HVAC equipment?


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