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Technical provider of audiovisual and power solutions

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Thanks to our technical experts teams dedicated and continually formed, GL events is regarded as a quality provider of audiovisual and energy services, both for events equipment rentals and to sales and integration services.

Whatever the place to equip after assessment, our teams will support you. Bringing special attention to the client’s needs and the smooth running of the collaboration, whether it lasts only few days or several years, the company will know how to define your specific needs and answer it as quick as possible in the best way. 

Our experts, dedicated to your wants and needs, will identify the ideal configuration for your event by respecting all requirements, all contraints linked to it and will give life to it with the help of our research unit. We are constantly searching for new products, our teams are aligned at the heart of technological evolutions of the industry to make use of it and suggest you customized solutions to fill your expectations and answer your most complex issues. The only limit for your event is your imagination.