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Our Commitments

CSR at the heart of our activities

GL events is committed for a long time in an eco-conception approach of spaces and events, in order to reduce the ecological impact of the whole event production cycle. We dictate ourselves a high environmental, economical and social requirement level, thus allowing to highlight concrete actions to answer to these crucial stakes. In this extent, we try to limit as much as we can the environmental footprint of the shows that we organize or equip, and to favor the responsible operations of our event sites. To go even further, we alert our employees and partners of stakes and practices of sustainable development in our careers, and this at all steps of the performance.

Safety and waste management

Our different programs in terms of CSR allow us to favor equality of chances and the best possible safety in the company, by permitting our talents to develop a healthy work environment. The respect of the hygiene, security and people’s protection regulations is at the core of our concerns and we provide equipment whose conformity is insured during all the life cycles of our products.

These commitments allow us:

  • to make our offers evolve towards eco-conceived propositions
  • to ameliorate waste management and their reuse
  • to limit our CO2 emissions linked with transport
  • to privilege shorts channels, local actors and providers that are close to us

We sift all our products inside our warehouses, waste sorting is done for the following categories : wood, metals, papers, cardboards, banals industrial waste. Partnerships were implemented with Ecosystem (lighting source, some e-waste) and Corepile (batteries and accumulators).

People with disabilities

GL events is also signatory of a convention with Agefiph and developed a policy in favor of disabled people through the following cores : recruitment, job security, awareness, formation, resort and adapted and protected sector. 

Gender equality

At GL event Audiovisual & Power, we are determined to promote equality between men and women in an industry (technical companies) that has historically welcomed more men than women.

For the year 2024, we declare a rate of 63/100 :

33/40 for the pay gap, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring fair pay for all our employees. We also achieved a promotion rate of 15/15, reflecting our commitment to the professional development of women and to obtaining deserved promotions.
In addition, we achieved a perfect score of 15/15 for the percentage of employees who received an increase after returning from maternity leave, illustrating our unwavering support for parents returning to work.

However, we recognise that improvements are needed. We obtained a score of 0/20 for the gap in the rate of individual increases excluding promotion, a score directly impacted by the under-representation of women in the Technician professions compared to other professional branches of the entertainment industry. And 0/10 for the number of employees under-represented among the 10 highest earners.
As a major player in the events industry, we face unique challenges that can influence these scores. However, it is very important for us to continue our commitment to improving these results.

At GL event Audiovisual & Power, we strongly believe in equality, diversity and inclusion. We are determined to make these values a reality for all our employees. Together, we will continue to create unforgettable experiences.

Group quality approach