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La batterie mobile Wattman

02 February 2024

New acquisition : The Wattman Battery 

Enter the world of solar-powered, connected mobile energy.

Enjoy the latest generation of high-performance, energy-efficient equipment with the Wattman charging system.

The Powerbank Wattman is the modern solution for powering your equipment in areas without an electrical grid, with a silent, environmentally-friendly 10 kWh battery. Designed and assembled in France by Pess Energy, this CE-certified stand-alone system offers remarkable power and resistance for a charge time of less than 4 hours.

With its Lithium-ion battery technology, high energy density and intelligent BMS (Battery Management System), this mobile equipment ensures high-quality power distribution for all your audiovisual equipment. Easy to handle, its rapid installation makes it an essential solution for your events and temporary power needs, with autonomy of up to 21 hours.

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The advantages of the Powerbank Wattman :

  • Recharge Time (16A) : 4h 

  • Operating time at 500 W: >21h  

  • Operating time at 1000 W : >9h

  • Operating time at 2000 W : >4.5h  

  • Max. power output : 6000 W 

  •  Mobile and all grounds

  •  No noise, pollution or smelll 

  • Autonomus thanks to solar charging 


Produce your own renewable energy!

To ensure a total autonomy, the Wattman can charge in less than 6 hours with the Ekla solution composed of 4 light solary panels, robust and easily transportable.

Panneaux SolairesThe "Plug and Play" advantage offer a deployable on any ground in less than 5 minutes and tiltable thanks to the folding foot, there are several possible layouts for the best solar performance.

Able to produce 8800 Wh/day according to the weather, this system allows up to 4 Ekla kits to be charged in parallel for one Wattman, and keeps your powerbanks efficiently charged by supplying equipment up to 1500W continuously.

The robustness of the solar panels ensures a lifespan in excess of 10 years for protection against rain and dust. A responsible solution for all your electrical distribution needs.


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