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23 August 2023

In an age when sustainability and eco-responsibility have become watchwords, it's perfectly possible to combine the comfort of your guests and visitors with the preservation of the environment. Thanks to innovative solutions, the use of cutting-edge technologies and unrivalled know-how, GL events Audiovisual & Power professionals strive to provide high-performance air conditioning while minimizing its environmental impact. As a result, every event can take place in a refreshing atmosphere, without sacrificing our responsibility to the planet.


Ecological awareness is now at the heart of many decisions, including when it comes to air conditioning. GL events Audiovisual & Power understands this. Our expertise sets us apart from our competitors by integrating recognized technologies that not only optimize the performance of cooling systems, but also limit their energy consumption.

By opting for our solutions, you're opting for equipment that consumes less energy, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of your event. It's a choice that combines environmental ethics and efficiency, guaranteeing every guest unrivalled comfort in an air-conditioned room while respecting our planet.

Why choose GL events Audiovisual & Power for your summer events ?  

In the vast world of event air conditioning, why is GL events Audiovisual & Power the partner of choice for your summer events?

  • Proven expertise: Over the years, GL events Audiovisual & Power has built up a solid reputation in the field of event air conditioning. Our expertise is not limited to simply installing equipment. We carefully analyze each space, understanding the unique dynamics of air circulation, to deliver consistent, resource-efficient cooling. When you call on us, you're entrusting your event to a team with a proven track record, committed to ensuring your guests' optimum comfort.
  • State-of-the-art equipment: In a constantly evolving industry, GL events Audiovisual & Power sets itself apart by continually investing in the latest generation equipment. Renting a professional air conditioner is not just a simple transaction; it's access to advanced technology that ensures efficient air conditioning. Our fleet of equipment is regularly renewed, guaranteeing modern solutions for all types of event.
  • Ecological commitment: Beyond words, the GL events Audiovisual & Power team lives and breathes eco-responsibility. That's why we're constantly on the lookout for greener methods and technologies.

In summer, ot for shaded areas and strategic refreshment points

The importance of outdoor spaces for summer events is often underestimated. Shaded areas become true havens of coolness on sunny days. Combining the natural coolness offered by shade sails or pergolas with the efficiency of an air-conditioned room creates a harmonious ambience for guests. Add to this a few refreshment stations, equipped with misters or cool drinks, and you can transform your summer event into an oasis of comfort and relaxation for all participants.

A partnership for a greener future 

When you work with GL events Audiovisual & Power, you're not just renting equipment. By favoring the latest, most environmentally-friendly technologies, the company affirms its commitment to sustainable development. This long-term vision, based on partnership, is the guarantee of a relationship that goes beyond the simple transaction, and is part of the constant search for greater harmony between comfort, a successful summer event and respect for our planet.


Why use our services for your exceptional summer events

Organizing summer events is a delicate art, where every detail counts to deliver an unforgettable experience. GL events Audiovisual & Power adds an extra dimension to this dynamic: the fusion of optimal comfort and ecological awareness. Choosing a room air-conditioned by them means adopting a solution that combines advanced technology and eco-responsibility. So, while providing a pleasant atmosphere, you're also committed to an approach that respects and protects our planet. The experts at GL events Audiovisual & Power are there to ensure that every event is not only memorable, but also conveys a message of sustainability and respect for the environment.


Are you planning a summer event? Don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll be happy to suggest appropriate solutions.