Corporate events to mark the start of 2022 in hybrid or 100% digital format


14 December 2021

With the end of the year approaching, it's the perfect time to organize your corporate event to mark the start of 2022. But the health crisis is still with us and it's hard to plan corporate events under these circumstances. What's the solution? Cancel your events? You'll be missing out on a great opportunity to unite your teams, give them a new dynamic or create a bond with your customers. So how do you go about it? Go for hybrid (face-to-face and remote) or 100% digital events!

Streaming: give power to your 2022 corporate events

Even during the non-Covid period, it is not always easy to gather your employees or customers. Streaming, also called webcast, allows you to remedy this by broadcasting your event in real time (live) to an unlimited audience. This way, each guest can connect remotely from any location and follow the festivities.

There are many online broadcasting solutions, the least expensive being the integrated tools of social networks like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

It is also possible to record your live broadcast and then replay it on your website or social networks to reach more people and extend the festivities!

Multiplex: increase the number of participants

The duplex or multiplex allows you to connect two or more locations. It is ideal for corporate events gathering your different subsidiaries or your different locations on the national and international territory. This solution also allows you to invite external speakers while limiting the size of your event and travel.

The venues are connected and synchronized in real time and your corporate events are broadcasted online for your audience.

The multiplex is a perfect tool to create interactions and links between your collaborators and/or customers!

TV studio: tailored to your needs

Whether you choose streaming or multiplexed corporate events, you will need to set up a space for your speakers. Whatever your needs, you can set up a mobile and temporary TV studio: in your premises for the tightest budgets or why not in an event site for a guaranteed wow effect.

In a classic configuration with desk and chairs, more casual with high tables and stools or intimate with sofas and armchairs, with a printed backdrop or an LED wall, your only limit will be your imagination (and your budget, of course).


The health crisis has certainly upset our event planning habits, but don't forget that there are always solutions. A virtual event does not have to be synonymous with austerity and boredom. It's up to you to continue to bring your audience together. Let's keep in touch, let's adapt and let's take up this challenge together!

At GL events, we believe in the importance of these events and we are convinced that it remains imperative to bring your community together: teams, customers, constituents, etc. This is why we can help you organize hybrid or online corporate events with our digital audiovisual solutions.

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