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concert jean michel jarre


12 October 2023

A concert, whether by a symphony orchestra or a rock band, is a major acoustic challenge. To ensure a quality musical performance, the sound system must be impeccable. So how do you set up a sound system to get the perfect sound for a performance? At GL events Audiovisual & Power, we've pooled our years of expertise to answer this question.

The importance of acoustic quality

Every event has its own specific requirements. Whether it's a political rally, an international conference or a trade show, clarity of sound is the first thing you need to consider. Particularly when it comes to concert sound, the acoustic quality of the venue plays a vital role. Echo, reverberation and even building materials can affect sound propagation. Before installing any equipment, our experts carry out a precise analysis of the venue's acoustics to ensure that your concert will sound good.

Selecting the right equipment: the heart of any good sound system

When it comes to answering the question of how to set up a sound system for a concert or event, the choice of equipment is fundamental. It's the cornerstone that guarantees that every note played, every word spoken, will be transmitted with the clarity and intensity required. Without the right equipment, even the best performance can be lost in unwanted sound interference or echoes.

  • High-performance loudspeakers

Essential to a good sound system, loudspeakers determine clarity and sound coverage. Strategically positioned, they guarantee uniform sound dispersion, avoiding any risk of saturation or distortion.

  • Mixing consoles

Whether analog or digital, mixing consoles are the nerve center of any sound installation. They control and balance the audio channels, ensuring that every instrument, every voice, has the space it needs to shine.

  • Quality microphones

A well-chosen microphone is essential for capturing every nuance of the performance. Whether for musicians, speakers or event hosts, these devices must be calibrated to deliver optimum clarity. From tie microphones, ideal for conferences, to dynamic microphones, preferred by singers, the right choice is essential.

  • Powerful amplifiers

Good sound requires good power. Amplifiers are there to give the necessary strength to the audio signal, ensuring that every sound reaches its audience with the desired vigor and clarity.

  • Quality cables and connectors

A sound system is only as good as its connections. Opting for high-quality cables reduces the risk of interference, ensuring smooth, clear sound transmission. What's more, good connectivity is essential to ensure compatibility between different equipment.

  • Acoustic treatment and soundproofing

Even the best equipment can fall short if the room's acoustics are not taken into account. Elements such as acoustic panels, diffusers and bass traps can help optimize sound by absorbing or diffusing unwanted sound waves.

Selecting the right equipment requires a thorough understanding of the event's specific needs, as well as the technical expertise to choose and configure the right equipment. At GL events Audiovisual & Power, we take this responsibility very seriously, ensuring that every concert or event is soundproofed to perfection.

Concert PA practice

Each type of event requires its own approach. Sound reinforcement for a live performance is not the same as for a conference or seminar. From the multiplicity of sound sources to frequency management, we take care of everything.

Eco-responsibility and diversity

In addition to our technical solutions, we emphasize eco-responsibility and diversity. Eco-responsible sound systems limit environmental impact, and our commitment to gender equality reinforces our reputation as a leader in the field.

Ongoing training in sound engineering

Our engineers and technicians are continually trained in the latest sound technologies and regulations. This training ensures that our service remains at the cutting edge of innovation, for optimal sound every time.

GL events Audiovisual & Power is committed to providing you with the best possible concert sound for your event. To find out more about how we can transform your musical performance or public address, explore our dedicated concert sound page. We're here to help you every step of the way.