festival en plein air


31 August 2023

Organizing outdoor events presents unique challenges, especially when it comes to sound systems. In a context where sound can easily be dispersed, and where the weather is unpredictable, the intervention of an expert in the field is essential. This is where GL events Audiovisual & Power makes all the difference. With their proven expertise and top-of-the-range equipment, our staff guarantee impeccable sound quality and a flawless experience. Opting for GL events means choosing excellence for unrivalled outdoor sound. Find out why.

Outdoor sound : more than just amplification

Outdoor sound goes far beyond simple sound amplification. Every outdoor venue has its own "acoustic footprint", influenced by its topography and surrounding structures. As a result, the challenges are many: an open space can cause sound dispersion, obstacles such as trees can absorb certain frequencies, and even the weather, such as wind and temperature, can affect sound propagation.

The aim of outdoor sound reinforcement is to ensure uniform sound quality for the entire audience. This requires technical expertise and fine-tuning for every event. GL events Audiovisual & Power's mission is to create an immersive sound experience, whatever the spectator's position.

Sound for an outdoor concert : unique challenges to overcome

Sound reinforcement in an open, unobstructed space can result in a wider dispersion of sound. In such environments, low frequencies can quickly evaporate, causing the sound to lose its depth and richness. For this reason, the positioning and power handling of speakers should be adjusted to compensate for these losses.

Conversely, when a concert is held near trees, buildings or other structures, these elements can reflect or absorb certain sound frequencies. This can create undesirable echo zones or pockets where certain frequencies are over-represented or missing, detracting from the overall clarity of the sound.

Finally, weather conditions play a major role. Wind, for example, can carry sound in unexpected directions, making it difficult to control the auditory zone. Similarly, humidity and rain can alter sound propagation, making it duller or less clear. For these reasons, outdoor sound equipment must be carefully selected and calibrated to meet the specific challenges of each site.

The nuances of outdoor concert sound systems

The sound requirements for outdoor concerts vary according to the musical genre and the target audience. A rock concert will have different requirements from an outdoor symphony orchestra. Balancing bass, midrange and treble, while ensuring vocal clarity, is an art in itself. Here are just a few examples of our work:

  • During the Printemps de Pérouges Festival, at the Château de Saint-Maurice-de-Rémens, GL events Audiovisual & Power adapted the sound system to the historical environment. The diversity of the artists required a flexible sound system, and the L-Acoustics sound system was the key to delivering an immersive sound experience to the audience.
  • At Vienne's Théâtre Antique, for the Jazz Festival, the challenge was to provide outdoor sound for a vast capacity of 13,000 spectators while preserving sound quality. GL events' expertise, again using the L-Acoustics system, ensured that every note was heard with clarity.
  • Finally, for Franck Muller's gala in Switzerland, precision was the key requirement. Every sound, every word had to be distinct. GL events, with its KIVA II sound system, guaranteed impeccable sound for this high-end event.

GL events Audiovisual & Power : your partner of choice 

Organizing an outdoor event? We know the challenges, and we're here to support you. At GL events Audiovisual & Power, we understand the importance of having the right sound system for every venue and every occasion. With our proven expertise in acoustics, we don't just supply equipment; we offer you a complete, turnkey solution tailored to your needs.

Our range of state-of-the-art equipment meets all your requirements, guaranteeing perfect sound diffusion, whatever the challenges of the venue. Whether it's a major festival or a more intimate celebration, our sound system rentals ensure a first-rate sound experience. Ask us for device.