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Video Recording for your Events in Multiplex Format

Video capture service provider for your events in duplex and multiplex format

We can record the video steams for your events in duplex or multiplex format

For connected and synchronized live events that take place in two or more locations, multiplexing enables you to limit the need for travel while bringing your whole community together.

Our teams can equip two or more sites with equipment to record and broadcast your online content in full duplex mode. We provide the lighting and sound systems on the various sites in addition to the video recording of your event in several different venues.

As a video multiplexing service provider, GL events interconnects the stage areas in several different venues. This allows all participants to share live content. The entire production may be broadcast on your website, social networks or YouTube. It is recorded and delivered to you at the end of the event.

Our expertise in audiovisual solutions ensures your multiplex format event runs smoothly.

A turnkey solution for full duplex event recording

To ensure your remote participants can interact with your on-site and online delegates and audience, our specialist duplex video recording teams prepare and supervise their interventions.

Our production teams render the recording of your full duplex event dynamic to ensure your audience is actively engaged.

We install and test our connected solutions to ensure they are fully operational from the very first second of your multiplexed event.

Our network of event sites for your video recordings in multiplexing mode

As a provider of video recording services, GL events gives you access to its network of 50 event venues that can be used to organize your event from several cities in France, in Europe or around the world.

Our interconnected venues become hubs that can welcome your participants without them needing to travel long-distances. The event is recorded in one or more venues and broadcast seamlessly to all participants, whether they are present physically or online.



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